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Writer. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist.


All of my life, I’ve been drawn to words and understanding their power. My ethos: Words have the power to build and destruct, create and destroy. May my words Speak Life.

I’m an award-winning, careered Writer/Storyteller and Communications Strategist based in Rome, Italy. I do business all over the world with people who do business all over the world, and for the past decade, I’ve worked to build a small Texas-based, one-woman branding & communications startup, to a multi-market company. I’ve written for editorials, doctors, lawyers, restaurants, startups, luxury travel, governments, schools, non-profits and Christian organizations (fave), retail/ clothing lines and public figures as a ghost writer. I’m not a niche writer — I am gifted and skilled to produce absolutely any form of writing. My distributed team is a small group of creatives, and together we assist dozens of SME clients across three continents. I’m currently obsessed with equipping girls with global entrepreneur and philanthropic experiences through travel-based educational programs. Girls in developed nations like North America, Europe and Australia, can easily become an entrepreneur at 14 years of age. Then there are girls in developing nations like Africa, Latin America and southern Asia, who can easily be married by that same age! What if they can build a sisterhood, and create something amazing together…that’s the idea! I am founding an international interdisciplinary school, PAIDEIA (2016), that will focus on developing girls to be world-changing, well-rounded, high-impact individuals.

Personally, I adore small gatherings, oversized dining tables and togetherness. I am inspired by the outdoors and nature, architecture, the design of spaces, especially the home, and subscribe to countless digests. Sailing is my favorite past time, and I collect new and antique nautical maps; mostly those that chronicle early Christian journeys. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me!




PAIDEA — 2015 to Current 
Travel Experiences + International Interdisciplinary Institute | Orvieto, Italy | Founder
PAIDEIA is an experiential and expeditionary school based in Italy, that provides interdisciplinary programs, entrepreneurship and philanthropic opportunities to impact developing nations.  


VP Communications — 2005 to 2015 
Communications + Branding/ SME Market | Dallas, TX | Director

VP Communications developed branding and communications strategy for small-to-medium sized enterprises. As Director and Communications Strategist, I managed a team distributed across Europe, Sri Lanka and the U.S. We created compelling stories and copywriting, website design, app development and digital marketing/management.

Clients | Dave & Buster’s, e3 Partners/ I am Second, Mercedes Benz, Main Event, City of Dallas, Dallas Visitors & Convention Bureau, T.D. Jakes Ministries/ T.D. Jakes Enterprises, Madewell Obgyn, CultureLab, The Design Factory, Lancaster ISD, AT&T, Allstate, SecondHalf University, SDL Citadel, HEIGHT GODDESS, Arthouse Residences



GirlGO, a PAIDEIA organization, is a travel sorority and sisterhood of travelers and mentors. I organize international trips for leisure and educational enrichment. First trip, 2016. 



  • Our trips are primarily designed for girls in grade school.
  • We are currently seeking mentors: women who have traveled internationally, to join our team! 
  • Our trips are 7 days to 2 months. 
  • We will provide trip fundraising and passport scholarship assistance*. 
  • Our programs are not currently college accredited, however GirlGO’s parent, PAIDEIA, is working to partner with accredited institutions. 


In 2005, I took an impromptu, semester-long journey across the Atlantic, to study abroad — my first international trip. I fell head over Tuscan hills for Italy. I learned a great deal scholastically (especially about ancient architecture, literature and early Christian life and times), but I learned even more about humanities, culture and myself. I happened to travel, or rather travel happened to meand after visiting the country for years, in 2013 I took the leap to LEAVE all that I knew, for a country anew. Today, I am making preparations to open the first American international institute for girls, in central Italy.

my faves in Italy: vegetarian lasagna | 4-hour siestas | cobblestone roads | unearthly beautiful land and seascapes

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 


I am currently finishing my first published non-fiction work, LEAVE, my story of discover y and belonging. “Something is missing, so perhaps you’re thinking a new house, car, more money or improved relationship would make you happier. Have you ever thought that you may need to LEAVE? Yes, as in relocate, or figuratively, get out of whatever situation is no longer serving you. What if I told you there are people and opportunities waiting for you if only you’d leave? Would you abandon everything you know for abundance? I did.


As a hobby, I love taking lifestyle and landscape photography. My subjects are mostly clients who are crazy enough to let me shoot them or images of their products; and my landscapes are mostly taken during my travels. I figure if I can somewhat nail still pictures, I can graduate to motion picture… just as a hobby. 



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